Family party with the 'Ark'

The family is the most valuable and the very first thing the Lord gives us. We come to the family and find out about maternal love and parental care for the first time. It is in the family that family traditions are brought up, in the family we acquire knowledge about care, and in the family we feel protected...

Well, if everything is so, and not otherwise...

Still, there are families, where the family problems are very common and commonplace. And, unfortunately, more and more families are suffering, or from violence, or from alcohol, or from other "addictions". But most of all the children suffer from these. They suffer from violence: the moral or bodily and bear burdens of their family in adulthood.

And the chain continues... until God bursts into life. Only He is able to change the life and future of such children.

Family party with the ArkOn January 12, the CO "Ark" organized a family party for children and their parents. Together we tried to connect children and parents, and make them united, bring together even more through various quizzes and competitions. Together, parents and children sang a carol, together they thought over the puzzles, and together they thought about quiz questions. Together they recalled the traditions in the family and why we love the "Ark" so much. And then we many laughed... Also together. And then we all ate the goodies that the children made.Family party with the Ark

We hope this holiday will long remain in the memory of many children and adults. We hope this will bring parents and children closer together. We believe this will bring them closer to the Father. Believe it will change everyone's life.

We love those for whom we do it. Love what we do.