At the last service, June 16, in the church “Grace” there was a particularly joyful event - together we celebrated the twenty-third anniversary of our church. Remembering the past, we could see the photos from the beginning of the church together. 23 years have passed and we see the development and growth of the church.

Why the church "Grace"? The idea is to emphasize that we, people, cannot be saved by rituals and laws, but only by God's grace. This title is based on our desire to be a living church.

During the 23 years the church has been growing and developing. The ministries developed with her. Today we have numerous ministries that are bearing fruits.

We all remember the first prayer meetings, the first services, the first Sunday school, the first worship and the first plays. Or, for example, the pastor's first sermons and plaster falling beside. All this will remain with us for a long time in our memory and we will return to the original sources in order not to forget our beginning and remember how big is our God and His mercies to us.

During the service, our church was congratulated by our Americans: Abby and Dan, the pastor of the church “The Light of God's Love”, we saw a video greetings from the Light Up and Really. Stas Kozik shared his testimony and told his way to God. We also conducted a drawing of a book through a lottery among ten participants, which will help to understand the essence of the Gospel even more.

In order to see more of the growth of the church in the coming years, everyone who was present at the church could write down their vision of the church in a year. Therefore, we are waiting for the next anniversary of our church to find out how our church is seen in the future.