Bible school


“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” Matthew 4:4

Realizing the value and the meaning of the God's word, expressed by Jesus Christ, we organized a Bible school in the church that has been functioning for several years. Biblical education is one of the tools of God's grace, that helps every member of the local church to accomplish his salvation and transform into the image of Christ.

Supporting and developing this ministry, we strive for the goal:

To provide each member of the church with the necessary biblical knowledge, motivation, abilities and skills for effective spiritual growth and service to God.

Biblical classes are aimed at studying both whole books of Scripture, and individual themes of the Christian life. Each year students have the opportunity to study in such biblical classes:

  • "God, do you exist?" (the book of John
  • "God, I want to know you" (studying the names of God)
  • "Living faith" (the book of Jacob)
  • "Joy in the Lord" (Epistle to the Philippians)
  • "Alone with God" (how to conduct personal communication with the Lord)
  • "Relationships of love" (what should the relationships between the Christians be like)
  • "Evangelism" (how practically share your faith with others)
  • "Marriage without regrets" (how to be happy spouses)
  • "Save the Church in Faith" (Epistles to Timothy)

In the process of studying, students become acquainted with the methods of studying the Scripture, based on the study of the textual, historical and cultural context. This allows them not only to learn the new depths of truth, but also to learn to find these truths themselves in the Bible.

Teaching in biblical classes is conducted by pastors and teachers of the church who have the gift of a teacher. All the teachers were trained in biblical universities.

The Church "Grace" invites you to actively study the Bible, as the only correct instruction for the real life. God, the creator of the whole world, both visible and invisible to us, wants to bring each person to Himself into a close communion that will never end. The Lord is such an interesting person that communication with Him can never be boring. Developing relationships with God is possible by getting acquainted with Him through the pages of the Bible.

Coordinator Vitaliy