Club “Seven up”

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Club "Seven up" are your friends!

A family in which there is a place for everyone and even for you!

We invite all the children aged from 7 to 12 years to the children's club "Seven up"

We spend time together having fun, in a useful and interesting way. We sing together, play games, study the Scripture, learn more about who God is and how He loves each of us.

Each our meeting is an interesting program that includes:

  • new topics from the Bible
  • new acquaintances
  • songs
  • games
  • funny exercises
  • quests (periodically)
  • Bible lesson
  • delicious food
  • meetings during the school breaks (sledging, time in nature)
  • watching cartoons periodically

At the club, we teach children to be friendly, to be one team, to share, we develop Christian values and morals, talk about Christ at their level of understanding, raise topics that are relevant to children today, and what God says in his Word regarding children.

It is a great joy to see the changes in the children who open their hearts to Christ, who become His followers and disciples.

Our goal is to make friends with children, to become friends for them and to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to bring the children to Christ and see them saved.

It is work that cannot be immediately seen, it takes time for the word that is sown to bear fruit and result in due time.

It is important to speak the Truth to children's hearts!

Coordinator Tanya

Coordinator Kristina