Scripture reveals to us that the Church is God's family. Members of any healthy family are bonded by close, friendly relations. Everyone has a need for communication. We can be surrounded by many people, but at the same time remain alone. If a person does not have friends in the church, this church will never become his own, and so he can one day easily part with it.

We very much value open Christian fellowship with the church family, and we consider home groups - the heart of our church, as their mission is to build strong relationships of trust, unity and concern for each other for joint spiritual growth in Christ and the achievement of people far from God. Without home groups, it is not possible to reach a strong and influential church.

The disciples of Jesus Christ understood these things very well, so "in the temple and at home they did not cease to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ." Acts 5:42.

Experience shows that if a person is not part of a home group, he can not really understand what the church is and in general Christianity itself. After all, the church is not a Sunday service, but life in the family for a week.

In the home group you will hear live interesting stories from the life of other christians. There you will find friendship, communication, support, interesting conversations, an opportunity to meet other people and make new relationships and many other interesting things. On the home group, you can ask personal questions without any hesitation and, if necessary, personally talk with someone from your home group.

In our church there are groups of different ages: for adults and for young people. Therefore, you can easily find a home group by your heart.

Taking care of acquaintance of people with the Lord, we aspire:

  • Organize home groups in each area of the city, in each multi-storey building in sufficient quantity.
  • To ensure that the residents of our city know where the groups are and are interested in visiting them.
  • Raise the ministry of each home group to such a level that people who visit it feel an atmosphere of love, trust and concern for each other, and this has contributed to a change in their lives and unity in one Christ family.

Our coordinates: gracepnot needed textastor77another not needed text@gmadelete meil.com

The coordinator of the ministry of home groups is Pastor Viacheslav Oliinyk

We invite you and are waiting for you at the meetings of the home groups of our church.

Coordinator Viacheslav Oliinyk