Our goal is to buy a camp base with an area of 5 hectares, on the territory of which there are 6 residential one-story buildings with a total capacity of 380 people; as well as a two-story cottage house with a capacity of 100 people.

This base has: its own powerful transformer, a water tower, a swimming pool, a huge dining room, a bakery building and several other utility buildings, a summer theater; as well as football, basketball and volleyball fields.

This camp is outside the city, 13 km from our church, a 20-minute drive. It is very convenient for us, and it is quite an attractive option for customers in terms of location.
The cost of the camp base is 200,000 Euros. Purchase of land - 50 thousand dollars. Overhaul of all premises (replacement of windows, insulation of the facade, heating in all buildings, drilling of wells and water supply to each residential building, provision of bathrooms, inventory (beds, wardrobes, mattresses, pillows, blankets, bed linen, dining room equipment with new boilers and dishes) will amount to at least 150 thousand US dollars.


I. Brief information about the ministries of our church

Our church is actively involved in social service to people as we are trying to respond to the problems that arise in society. Therefore, the daily work in the church is as active as a beehive in all the premises of the building that we rent. I will list only some of the ministries:

  • Evangelisation school for learning English (about 150 students).
  • "Kovcheg" A day center which works 2-3 times a week for 30 children from disadvantaged families, orphans/semi-orphans (we provide them with lunch for free, our volunteers help them with school homework, we conduct hobby groups, games and Bible lessons for them).
  • Weekly "Light up" evangelistic clubs which engage older teenagers and youth and "Seven up" clubs for children and younger teens.
  • Counseling help from professional Christian psychologists for people with depression and mental disorders.
  • Cooperation with city services in providing assistance to socially vulnerable people/families of our city and region with food packages, clothes and shoes, hygiene products and providing labor assistance.
  • Home group ministry focused on building relationships with both believers and non-believers and ministering to their needs.
  • A team of sisters serves in the Crisis Pregnancy Center, helping non-believing women to keep their pregnancies and avoid abortions (already more than 70 women have given birth to children and are raising them, thanks to this ministry).
  • Annually we hold wellness evangelisation camps for youth, teenagers and sometimes for married couples.
  • And more.

However, since the war came to our country, we quickly adjusted almost all the ministries and premises in order to work with the refugees. All the classrooms, where many different services were held before the war, were converted into housing for refugees.

We understand that ministering to refugees is a very important ministry of compassion in the eyes of our Lord. We also understand the fact that even when the war is over, we will have to be actively involved in the many needs of these refugees for many years to come. Many of the refugees have nowhere to return. Their houses are destroyed. They survived the shock of the bombing and the shock of seeing so many deaths. According to the official data, there are more than 150,000 refugees temporarily living in our city and region, and the state is unable to provide them with the necessary help.


II. The camp ministry of our church

  1. Our church is already 26 years old, and we have held camps every year for 23 years in a row. We have several large teams of qualified and experienced volunteer leaders to serve children, teenagers, youth and couples. This ministry brings great results for God's Kingdom. Thousands of young people have already visited our camps. Some of them are already actively serving as leaders in camps and other church projects. We are ready to expand the ministry of the camps more and more, because this ministry brings very great results.
  2. Even at the beginning of the war (since 2014) in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, we began to actively help people who suffered from the war. We took humanitarian aid to the town of Popasna and annually bring orphaned children from there to our Christian camps. We lovingly take care of them in order to heal them in the camps, befriend them and tell them about Christ. And that is thanks to the camp ministry.
  3. About 90 teenagers and 80 young people visited our camps last summer. And about 80% of them were children of refugees who temporarily found shelter in our city. In this way, we were able to give them love and hope thanks to the camp ministry. The children became very friendly with each other and with our leaders.


III. Why do we want to buy our own camp base for the church?

  1. By having our camp base, we would be able to serve the society more and more diversely. The camp area with its facilities and amenities will allow us to reach many more people. After all, we have enough human potential, as well as experience in this ministry.
  2. Having properly equipped the camp, we can reach out to children and adults with disabilities, as well as refugees the state is not ready to care for.
  3. Having equipped children's and sports grounds, we will be able to more actively promote the physical development of children.
  4. On the territory of the camp, we can partly provide unemployed people with work that they like: planting trees and bushes, tending the garden, growing vegetables, taking care of livestock, helping in construction and repair work, and also involving them in participating in the camps. Young people can master the professions and skills they need for life and everyday life.
  5. Since we annually spend 25 thousand US dollars on the camps, and thus develop other people's camp facilities, we consider it appropriate to better invest these finances in the development of our own camp.
  6. We have a vision that our camp base will work also throughout the year and bring good income. In order for the base of the camp to be self-supporting, we will advertise our camps to all kinds of institutions, form a client base and rent it out to sports schools and clubs to hold sports competitions, to hold various spiritual, cultural, educational, business seminars, conferences and retreats.
  7. Bases that have a high level of comfort, amenities and quality service are in very great demand. There are several successful bases in Ukraine, but there are very few of them on a national scale and the need remains huge. Therefore, we see that with the acquisition of the church base of the camp, a whole series of advantages and prospects open up. And we will be very grateful to the Lord and to you, if we will be able to purchase the base of the camp with our joint efforts.


IV. What have we already achieved in order to buy the camp base?

So far, we already have 200 thousand Euros and 3 thousand US dollars and this is a miracle from God. After all, it would be impossible with just human efforts. Today, the purchase of our own camp base is our priority and a big task for us. We have been dreaming and praying about this for several years. And we believe that the Lord will inspire you and we will be able to collect the necessary amount together.

We invite you to cooperate with us in this promising project. Together we will be able to develop the camp based ministry quickly and at a higher level, so that it will glorify our Lord as much as possible.
May the Lord bless you generously with all the blessings of Heaven!

Together, we will reap the results of this blessed ministry in eternity. And we will be very grateful to God and to you for your generous contribution to our camp ministry.


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Senior Pastor Vyacheslav Oliynyk, the head of the project for the purchase of the camp base for the "Grace" Church.

Pastor Vyacheslav Oliynyk, the head of the project for the purchase of the camp base