Media ministry


Media ministry includes audio and video archives, audio and video broadcasts on the Internet, a website, as well as printed materials such as booklets, advertisements, etc.

Service involves long hours of work, but all this happens behind closed doors. Most of us see only results.

The main team of media ministry consists of volunteers, from those who want to sustain God’s House. The team consists of servant people who have a great desire to serve the Lord.

The purpose of all this technical service is to let people hear the Word of God.

The Internet is one of the most accessible sources for many people to disseminate the gospel. The desire of our group is to continue and expand service in this field.

Media ministry began with one small projector, which showed words for general singing and two blazing hearts that were keen on serving the Lord. Thanks to their faithful and devoted work, the Lord began to bless this ministry with everything: people, equipment, and new ideas and projects.

The service of sound engineers is probably the most unusual service in the church and it reminds one of the human health. While it is there and works well, no one notices it, but if something is broken or works bad, everyone understands how necessary and important this service is. The importance of this ministry for the church is enormous. Whether it is loud or quiet at the service, how music sounds, whether the parishioners will hear the words of the songs - all this depends on the professionalism of the sound engineer and technical equipment. Therefore, no church ministry now works without this inconspicuous, but very important ministry.

If it touches you, and you also want to be on our team - we are waiting for you! We need helpers! If you do not have experience, we will gladly teach you everything we know ourselves.

We invite everyone who wants to work for the glory of our Lord. Approach this service prayerfully, and start greater things from the small things.

God bless you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us:
OUR COORDINATES: E-mail: admnot needed textinanother not needed text@gracdelete