About Church


History of the Church

The church "Grace" was created in 1996. In the origin of its creation was a team of 7 people. In its structure it is a church of small groups. Small or home groups are the foundation of the church’s life. We are the first church in the Evangelical-Baptist brotherhood of our region, organized and developed according to the small group system, as well as embodied the 1-to-1 mentoring courses to teach converts the basics of faith and spiritual growth.

From the very beginning of the existence of our church, one of its main goals is to reach and attract the maximum number of non-believers to the church, using a variety of effective service methods. The Church "Grace" takes an active social position, organizing various social actions aimed at solving urgent problems of our society.

Our church conducts services in a strategically convenient area of the city, where crowded residential areas are located. During the services we practice: worship using modern Christian songs and music, pastoral thematic sermons, testimonies of people about God's guidance in their daily life, festive theatrical performances and much more.

Despite the fact that the church "Grace" does not have its own building yet, and during the first 5 years we’ve changed 10 places of our meetings, by 2002, with God's help, it grew from 7 people to 118, and around 150-180 people attended the services. God has put a dream into our hearts, and we believe that it will be embodied in the life of our church, because we are united and inspired by God in this!

Goal of the church

Bring those who are far from God to a complete dedication to Christ.

Mission of the “Grace” church:

Worship GOD, drawing to CHRIST the inhabitants of Chernivtsi, engaging them in the Church family, affirming and raising them up to the level of maturity of Christ, equipping them for the service in the church and in the world.

The Dream of the Church

  • We see our church glorifying God through the fulfillment of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22: 37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20)
  • We see ourselves as the people, for whom the glorification of God and obedience to Him is a style of life that emanates from the depths of the devoted hearts.
  • We see our church as a church of small groups, in which everyone cares about others lovingly, as in the family.
  • We see how in our church, through a powerful educational base, the process of discipleship is actively developing, contributing to spiritual growth and equipment for the service.
  • We see that our services are held solemnly, in the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, they are rich in inspiring glorification and preaching of the God's word that changes life.
  • We see how members of our church, in close cooperation with each other, actively use their talents and abilities to build the church.
  • We see how each member of our church, in word and deed, boldly shares his faith with others, and takes an active part in the social actions of the church aimed at saving people.
  • We see our church as a resource, which annually organizes at least one affiliated church in Ukraine or abroad.

We are united and convinced that this dream will come true, because we are inspired by God.

Spiritual values

  1. For us, the real treasure is a sincere and heartfelt worship to the Great God:
    • with a free expression of our feelings,
    • in every place,
    • in various ways, according to the truth of the Scripture.

  2. It is very valuable for us to constantly serve the neighbor with Christ's love:
    • giving the best,
    • creatively developing and applying our spiritual gifts,
    • cooperating with each other to build the Church.

  3. Our ardent desire is to boldly SHARE GOOD NEWS to multiply His Churh:
    • with life and word,
    • accessible and in various ways,
    • reaching various social groups.

  4. We greatly value the open Christian COMMUNICATION in the church family circle:
    • giving each other support and encouragement,
    • showing hospitality, to build warm friendly relations
    • developing relations of trust and unity in small groups.

  5. It is vitally important for us to learn from Christ:
    • daily recognizing the personality of God and His will through the Bible study and prayer,
    • being like Him in a holy character,
    • instructing each other to achieve spiritual maturity.

We believe


Only the Scripture opens the nature of God, His character and gives us a clear direction for life!


  • We believe in the One true God, eternally existing in three persons (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), each of which is fully equal to God.
  • We believe that man is created by God in His own image. Because of the sin of disobedience, he separated from God and is under Satan's authority. Every person inherits a sinful nature from the birth and needs salvation from the eternal punishment for sin.
  • We believe that salvation is a gift from God that can not be inherited from parents, can not be received through the good deeds or abiding religious traditions. A person finds salvation only when he believes that the blood Jesus Christ shed on the cross is the only ground for the forgiveness of his sins and his confession of Jesus Christ as a personal Lord and Savior.
  • We believe that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as a personal Lord and Savior must, according to His commandment, be baptized in water, which is a promise to God to live a good conscience, and join the local church.
  • We believe that the true Church of Jesus Christ is a gathering of people faithful to Him who worship Him together, serve each other with love and tell others about salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ will come the second time to take His Church and establish His rule over the whole world.
  • We believe that all people will rise up bodily: faithful to God for eternal life, and infidels for judgment and eternal torment.

Pastor Oliinyk Viacheslav

Oliinyk Viacheslav Avelievich, was born on November 26, 1967.

Senior pastor of the church. Repented in 1981 at the age of 14. I have a beloved wife and three wonderful children. Ordained pastor since 1995.

I believe that the Church of Christ is the only hope of the world. The Church is God's creation, the goal of which is to spread the name of Christ among the people, helping them to become His relatives, bringing their thinking and life into monolithic harmony with God. I do not know what can bring more happiness than when I can be a collaborator with God in making a person happy forever, caring that he will become the heir of eternal life with God.

I dedicated my life and my prayer to God is for the Christ Church to succeed in giving hope to the world, and for making a tangible contribution to the acquisition of people for God's eternal Kingdom!

Pastor Hutsuliak Serhii

Hutsuliak Serhii Bohdanovych was born on October 30, 1971 in the city of Chernivtsi. Pastor of the church "Grace".

He believed in Christ on 01.05.1994. He was ordained a pastor in 2003. “I am married and have two children. I bear responsibility to work with new converts in the church. I coordinate the work of the ministry of mentoring. I conduct Bible courses. I'm working on the creation of a leadership school.”.

In the world there is nothing more important and valuable than the church created by Christ. For its sake, the Lord came to the earth Eph. 1: 4 and went to the cross Eph. 5:25. He became akin to the church in the Spirit in order to be one with it forever. Where God's church is located, Christ dwells there. His glorious mission on earth has its continuation through the church, which is the vehicle of Christ's love for the world that perishes in sins. I piously believe that only God's church, being salt and light for the world, is able to preserve our society from the final moral and spiritual decay leading to eternal perdition. No other philosophical and humanistic ideas can do this.

Therefore, I dedicated my life to God and the church "Grace" so that it would become a "saving circle" for many people who live without God and thereby expand the kingdom of God on earth and glorify God.

Pastor Yaremyn Yurii

Yaremyn Yurii Dmitrievych Pastor of the Church "Grace". Turned to Christ in 1993. Was ordained in 2003.

Responsible in the church for the educational and counseling spheres. Not married.

In my understanding, the local church is, first of all, stronghold of Christ's love. Jesus in John 13: 34-35 gave the disciples a new command to love each other, as He loved them. Then He spoke the truth that people in this world will recognize the followers of Christ, their belonging to the great Teacher for the love they will show in relation to each other. True love is the most attractive force in the universe. Like moths fly to the light and heat of a fire at night, so people on a cold night of this world suffering from sin will drag themselves into that church, in which there will be the light and the warmth of genuine love.

Therefore, I see the application of my efforts as a pastor, first of all, in creating a sincere relationship of brotherly care, unity and love in the church "Grace." Only thus will Christ be represented in us. This is the strength of the church and its success.