Humanitarian aid for refugees

We feed people three times a day. Some people stay to live in church, others have a rest for few days and then live abroad.

Every day we accept 5-30 people.

Beds were made in the classrooms of the church.

In church building can live up to 52 people at a time.

We updated the kitchen equipment (we bought a boiler, refrigerators, stoves, sinks, large pots, bought more plates).

Bought a washing machine and dryer. Made warm water to wash.

The director of the building rented by the church gave one more room. We are renovating it to have a shower.

We receive humanitarian aid and distribute it. Helped a children's boarding school in our city. Delivered food for children who live in the gym in our city. We also helped the Critical Pregnancy Center in Zaporozhye (it's closer to the east of the country). We sent baby food, diapers, hygiene products to Kherson and Nikolaev (southern Ukraine).

We transfer medicines directly to hospitals or to the front.

Since the beginning of the war, a total of 250 adults and 65 children have lived in our church. Psychologists work with children as needed. Every evening we pray in church for stop the war.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and help. Ukraine really needs it. This is our common fight against evil.